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Handing Keys OverInformation on Selling your Home

Buying a new home can be one of the most happy experiences in ones life and on the other side of the coin selling your home can be one of the saddest. It's often hard to say good-bye to the house you've come to know inside and out and gotten just the way you like it. Though for one reason or another it's often necessary. Whether you are up-sizing, down-sizing, relocating or just looking for a change of scenery - always know that the I am here to assist you along every step.

I can help with any number of the questions you may be currently experiencing - the most common of all is "Where do I even start??". To help you get prepared for what's to come, I've compiled a nine step process for what to think about that I hope answers some of your questions before you get there.

At any point throughout the process you can contact me with any specific questions you do not find here, I look forward to experiencing the home selling journey with you.

Start your journey today by getting self educated on using the topics below. I recommend following through them in order, but feel free to jump between topics as they suit you.